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"These memories are mine, they are my proof, and I know in my heart that Lisbet existed, and that I was her."


After a lifetime of nightmares and a past life regression in which I relived the moments leading up to Lisbet's death, like everyone else who remembers, I knew I had been here before. However there was always that tiny little voice in the back of my mind, asking me "Are these real memories? Or am I imagining it" despite the fact that it all felt so real? I knew in my heart that my past life experience was real, but what if nobody believed me? So, naturally, my thoughts and attention turned towards looking for physical evidence of Lisbet's existence. I didn't have to wait long, and I didn't have to look very far.

The first few weeks after my regression, I spent many hours searching the internet, looking for clues, but I seemed to be getting nowhere. During the regression I revealed that I had lived in Ecuador (something that I was consciously unaware of), so I searched through many pictures of volcanos in Ecuador, in the hope that I might find something I recognized, but it was all in vain.

After about 2 weeks of searching, I had just about resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to find any evidence at all, when one day, the evidence found me.....on a tv news program!!

I remember I was listening to some music with the tv on, and the sound turned down. As I glanced up at the screen, I saw the heading... "Ecuador", and a special report about some bears being released back into the wild there. I continued to watch, not really paying much attention, when all of a sudden, there was a scene, straight out of my regression vision, a landscape of rolling fields and hills, and the volcano in the distance. The whole thing was as instantly recognizable to me as if I had just opened my own curtains and looked out of my own window. I gasped and nearly fell out of my chair. The scene was only there for about 3 seconds and then it was gone. I desperately wanted to see it again, this scene which was straight from my memories.

I searched the BBC website, and I felt so happy that I was able to see the whole show repeated online. I found the scene again and paused it, and I just stared at it for ages with a feeling of "home" in my heart. With renewed hope, I started researching volcanos' on the internet again, but this time I approached it from a different angle. I found 2 volcanos' that erupted in 1957, Reventador and Sangay, and I studied many pictures of both, hoping to recognize something. Then I came across a photo of Sangay, a photo taken from a certain position, which, when compared to the scene I saw on tv, matched perfectly.

It wasn't concrete proof to me. I looked at many photos of Sangay, and although I had a "feeling" about them, none of the pictures leapt out at me. Then one day I came across a website by chance, and found out that Sangay erupted in 1957, that I already knew, but it gave the date as well.....June 2nd. This date has great significance to me because it is my birthday in my present life. Is it a coincidence that Lisbet died on the date of my birthday? I'll let you decide, but personally I like to think that there's more to it than that.

I was never 100% certain that Sangay was the volcano which killed Lisbet, but other memories and validations made it become more and more likely that I had found the right one, like vivid memories of Guamote, the small town 20km west of Sangay, I knew that we lived somewhere between that town and the volcano. I saw the word "Guam.....something" in my meditation, the last part was faded so I couldn't see it properly. I found Guamote after looking at many maps, it is such a small town that it doesn't appear on most of them.


I've researched and found quite a few pictures of Guamote, and although most of them had a familiar "feel" about them, there were none that I could put my finger on and say "yes, I was there".... not until I found this one (see left) When I first saw this picture I immediately had a flashback and found myself as Lisbet with my friend, Margarita. Again, it was a baking hot day, and we had just joined this road from a dirt track behind us and to the right.

Margarita and I were walking some distance ahead of the others with the cart, and I had suggested to my friend that for a bit of fun, we should tread along those rail tracks, me on one, and her on the other, a bit like tightrope walking - I remember Margarita had sandals on, but I was walking barefoot. When I stepped onto the railtrack, my foot sizzled on the metal where the sun had made it so hot, and I remember hopping around and holding my foot in pain.

The picture was instantly recognizable and gave me a weird feeling, because I know that i've never been there, but somehow, I just know this scene, and what is around that bend.


I'm positive that there are a row of low built houses, some of them are on columns (or stilts) supporting balconies. I have previous memories of going round that bend and seeing an old lady standing outside the door of one of those houses, and she was jumping up and down and waving her arms in the air as if she was waiting to greet us.
I found the picture on the right while researching the flashback in which I saw the scene depicted in the picture above. If you look closely, you can see that there are indeed some balconies supported on columns. Not 'exactly' what I saw in my vision, but I simply had a 'feeling' that they were there.

Other validations appeared in the form of xenoglossy. It's only happened once or twice, but in my meditations, i've clearly heard sentences spoken to me in what turned out to be Spanish, a language that I have no knowledge of in my current life. Those sentences were kindly translated for me by a member of the forum (thanks Owl and Kat), and when placed alongside the memory that I was recalling, made perfect sense. I think these validations are the most convincing evidence I have to date of Lisbet's life:
Several months ago I had a flashback to my previous life as Lisbet, In this flashback I was in a village called Cosanga, and I was in my grandmother's house and she was showing me how to make bread.

This morning, during a meditation, I revisited this memory and recalled some more details. I remember calling my grandmother - "Grammy". She was preparing the bread on a flat tray that looked as if it was made of clay. But she was shaping it in a certain way that made it appear to have a head and a body, like some kind of figure.

guaguas de pan

I heard several words in what I assume to be Spanish, and it was odd that I seemed to understand what she was saying to me, but at the same time, I didn't know what the words meant, a very odd experience which is hard to describe. But the words " hwah-wah de-pah " stuck in my mind (obviously the spelling is incorrect - i've written them here as they sounded to me) But my Grammy was using these words to describe the bread, and they kept on coming up during the conversations. I also remembered a big black oven on four long legs, with a window in the front, where I could see the flames, and I remembered just sitting there and watching the bread baking on a shelf above the flames, and I can clearly remember the smell of the bread filling the room.

We were dressed for a special occasion, my Grammy was completely dressed in black, and I was wearing a long maroon colored skirt with thick black tights, and a dark shawl with tassles wrapped around my shoulders. I didn't look very smart at all, but under the circumstances, I think I was wearing the best clothes that Papi could afford to buy me.

The bread that we're making has something to do with the special occasion, we were going to take it and either eat it, or leave it somewhere along with some other food. As my Grammy was dressed all in black, I wonder if we were perhaps going to a funeral?

One of my friends in the Past Life Forum kindly researched the foreign words that I heard during my meditation (hwah wah de pah) and found the following:


"Calderón, located northeast of Quito, is famous for its bread. As soon as you enter this town, you will find shops selling colored figures made out of flour and water in every corner.

This tradition started because every year, during All Souls Day, people make small dolls made of bread called "guaguas de pan". These dolls, as well as other figures shaped as men, women and donkeys made of wooden molds, were decorated with a simple cross over the chest in green, black, or red and were offered to the hungry souls of the dead. Eventually, people started to give these dolls as gifts to children and friends."


There are one or two other little validations that I've found along the way, most of them are in my posts scattered around the Past Life Forum. Of course, this is all physical evidence, evidence that i've searched for in order to prove Lisbet's life to anybody who wouldn't believe me. Personally, I need no proof. These memories are mine, they are my proof and I know in my heart that Lisbet existed, and that I was her, and nobody can ever take that away from me. A few people have said to me that they are amazed by how much of Lisbet's life I have remembered, but for over two years worth of meditating, there is not nearly as much as I would like to remember. Most of the content of this website is based on my thoughts and feelings about the memories that I have, the memories themselves, although very clear and vivid, were too brief. I hope that experience teaches me to see much more in the future, not just Lisbet's life, but all of my past lives.
Thanks for reading