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The Sangay Volcano: Ecuador

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet, here is where you can learn all about me and my belief that we have all been here before in many different incarnations. I can remember a few of my past lives, but there is one particular lifetime that I remember more about than any of the others. Her name was Lisbet Guerrera and she lived in Ecuador......

But first, a little about myself. My name is Chris, and I was born in England in 1965. I had a normal upbringing with my share of ups and downs, but from a very early age, I knew something wasn't quite right.

From as far back as I can recall, I had very unusual and disturbing dreams. These dreams played like a movie in my mind, they were exactly the same every time I had them, very real, very vivid, I was aware of all my senses, I could see, feel, hear, smell, if I was awake and actually experiencing everything as if it was really happening.

In this nightmare, I always find myself running for my life from an erupting volcano. The odd thing about all of this to me, is that I am not myself in these nightmares, I am not even a little boy, in the dreams I am always a little girl, and not just in my appearance. I feel like a little girl, I think, act, and look like a little girl. I became very confused, why was I a girl in my dreams? And why did it feel perfectly normal to be a girl, when I wasn't? I convinced myself that there was something wrong with me, therefore I kept everything to myself and never uttered a word about it to anyone out of fear of being ridiculed.

These dreams come and go over the years as I grow up. Sometimes I would have them as regularly as once a month. Then I went through a period in my life where I didn't have them for several years. But they always came back, and up until 2006, I spent about the last 20-25 years of my life, having these dreams regularly every couple of months.

My Lisbet drawing

Since June of 2006, I've had a past life regression, and I've learnt how to regress myself through meditation. All of this has enabled me to uncover a wealth of information about the person I used to be. In my dreams I was always limited to the moments leading up to Lisbet's death, but with the regression and meditation, her life has opened up to me, and I now have enough material to create this website dedicated to her.

I will now share the story with you about Lisbet's life and what her life means to me today. I only have my memories of her to go on, there are no photographs to look back upon and remind me of the happy times, there are no friends or family to call upon to say "remember when......." so there are going to be huge gaps, gaps which I hope I will be able to fill in as time moves on. I hope you like Lisbet's story...............

Please note: All of the photo's used in the making of this webpage are not photo's of Lisbet, but of children who either look like, or remind me of her.